About Enrinity Supplements

Your Trusted Partner for Contract Manufacturing of Dietary Supplements

The company management consists of experts in the field of supplements production and sales. The key individuals have more than 30 years of combined experience in drug and supplement industry. Our operations are designed to produce-and-deliver the product on demand.
Quick turn-around time, high quality and high level of ethical and professional integrity is the hallmark of Enrinity Supplements.


The management team consists of technical experts in the field of supplements production and sales.

Personal expertise

The principals have been involved in Pharmaceutical/ Nutraceutical manufacturing Industry for more than 30 years.
  • Extensive experience in various positions from Process engineering to managing production in small (25 employees) to large size (2000 plus employees) companies.
  • Actively involved in a small nutraceutical company’s growth from a less than a half-a-million dollar company to a more than 5-million dollar company in a short span of just five years.
  • Responsible for establishing administrative as well as production strategies and processes,
  • Actively identifying core customer needs and ways to address those needs.
  • Successfully prepared and implemented quality control processes in accordance with strict Canadian regulatory requirements.
  • Provided consultancy to other manufacturers in developing their own processes to be able to meet the regulatory requirements.