Enrinity has completed Five years of existence.  With focus on our core values of quality, integrity and responsiveness, Enrinity has grown leaps and bound in these years.  We are thankful to all our valued clients who have shown faith in our abilities to deliver high quality product on time and within budget.  We also take this opportunity to offer our gratitude to all our business partners who have supported our efforts throughout these budding years.

In these years, we have established the manufacturing facility with many new equipment, helped our customers refine their formulations, sourced ingredients that meet high quality standards, developed new products, assisted in reviews of regulatory implications, participated in quality control measures and have gotten cGMP certified by UL.  We even got a visit from an FDA inspector who inspected our facility and reviewed our quality documentation for adequate adherence to the cGMP requirements.

Our products are now the shelves of major retailers.

We are committed to our core values and look forward to serving our clients for many years to come.